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What is mulberry silk ?

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Mulberry silk ,it is a kind of Continuous long fiber secrete by is also named “nature silk”.it is same as wool,belongs a kinds of animal fiber.use mulberry silk as material,made of all kinds different silk products,these products all named mulberry silk products.

Mulberry silk have the similar protein like people skin,it is smooth and soft,have the natural can feel summer cool and winter has good extensibility, good heat resistance but not resistant to salt water etching.and the product made by mulberry silk not only soft and fitted,and also can warm and have a grade features to maintain the balance of skin moisture.

Natural silk fabric have many different kinds according to the process skills.including :crepe de chine,heavy crepe,Joeqi,double Joe,heavy Joe,crepe satin,stretch satin and so on.different silk kinds have different features,and also the price will be difference.

Normally crepe de chine processed by high temperature setting,silk fabric more has a good wrinkle resistance.and high dyeing saturation and bright color.the advantage of heavy satin is wrinkle resistance better than crepe de chine.Joe Qi is more elegant and light thin.crepe satin is bright and noble.feels smooth,the shrinkage of the fabric is relatively large,after wash will not bright as original.

Stretch crepe satin belongs a new fabric,In addition to mulberry silk, it is also added with 5% to 10% spandex.the advantage is good elasticity and relatively small shrinkage.

Mulberry silk are famous for textile products,in fact according to its unique component,it is also widely use on medical,it also be used to make blood the Scientific and Technological Development,more and more mulberry silk products have been creative,it also can be done skin treatment burn,named hand skin.

as mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids of great nutritional value to human body, people have developed a series of cosmetics with silk fibroin as the main raw material according to this characteristic of silk.

Besides above function,mulberry silk also be made into silk protein for people to eat. This technology was first developed by the Japanese.this kind of food contains 18 kinds of amino acids and less fat and carbohydrates, so it is regarded as a healthy green food.

Finally ,if you had already wear or using the mulberry silk products,we believe you already feels the great experience to you,if you never try real silk products,then we recommend you have a try,you will love the nature feeling!

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